Salvage Yards In Wichita KS – My Car Now Rests In Peace

So the time to say goodbye to my old trusty banger eventually came.

It was an old Volkswagen Beetle from the year 1988. I know it had seen better days but it was still difficult to say goobye. I had been to University in Wichita in that old rust heap, kissed a few boys on the back seat and once in my adventurous days I had driven all the way to the Pacific to have a swim.

But this week, it was time to say goodbye.

I had found a salvage yard online​ which was willing to take it away. I even got a few bucks for it. The guy assured me it would be a painless death and that some of its parts would be used in other cars to prolong their lives, but it was still difficult to part with "Herbie"

salvage yards wichita ks

Yes, Herbie was its name. Not that original name for a Beetle, but I'm not that original.

When it was being towed away, a small tear came to my eye. But we have to let go, don't we?

Always look to the future.

So if you have an old Volkwagen Beetle and it needs some parts, then maybe you will get a small piece of Herbie inside yours.

In that way I can cope with his death.

​So I found this salvage yard by doing a Google search for salvage yards wichita ks. As you can tell I'm always Googling things. Maybe I could find a new boyfriend by Googling "hot sexy man Wichita" I shall try that next.

Have a good day and I look forward to chatting with you again.


PS. Un besito ... I've been learning Spanish​ 🙂

I’ve Eventually Moved Into A New Apartment!

It's been a long time I've moved apartment here in Wichita, but I eventually plucked up courage to do it. 

You know, I was born in this great city and in my life I have moved about 10 to 12 times in total, Every time that I have moved , it has been a terrible experience.

Sometimes, some of my prized possessions have been broken.

Once, one of my cats disappeared​. It was very sad as I never saw her again. Maybe she went into the removal van and disappeared to another State. Still I like to think she's still alive and running around a farm in Kansas somewhere. Life is not good for a feline in the big city. They should really have space to run around.

Well I moved from the west side of Wichita to the east side, really to be closer to my work.

On the day of moving, everything was packed very carefully and some great guys from a moving company helped me to move lock, stock and barrel from this apartment to my new apartment​.

The company even has one of those Youtube videos that they use for marketing. Here it is. It's nothing special, but it caught my eye when I was looking for an apartment movers in Wichita​.

Well, it's time to settle down into my new home now. I'll think I'll go and introduce myself to my new neighbours. 

One of my neighbours works in the local hospital as a surgeon. I find all things medcal fascinating so I might go and talk to him first​.

Hope he makes great coffee!

Catch you later

Susan :)​

Wichita Lineman

Well I had to post this video of the song Wichita Lineman at some time.

It was my father’s favorite song of all time. He tried to sing like Glen Campbell but failed miserably.

Cosmosphere’s planetarium in Wichita

Associated Press wrote:

The Cosmosphere’s is planning a complete renovation for its Justice Planetarium.

The Hutchinson-based facility announced Thursday in a news release that the planetarium will close its doors Feb. 2 for the planned upgrades. It is expected to reopen April 12.

Upgrades include the installation of a new digital projection system that it says will transform the venue into a state-of-the-art facility.

The new projection system will utilize the planetarium’s full dome for all programs and imagery. It also has the ability to link via the Internet to other planetariums, observatories and telescopes around the world in real time.

Other improvements include new carpet, seats, electric and sound, LED lighting and other work.

The rest of the Cosmosphere plans to stay open during the planetarium renovation.

I haven’t blogged for a while now as I’ve been kinda busy. I’ve got a new boyfriend and I’ll introduce you to him later. Funny enough, we met at the planetarium here in Wichita. It’s romantic, isn’t it?

The planetarium is one of my favorite buildings in Wichita.

Which is yours?

Remember you can comment in the box below and I would love to read your views.

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Hi everyone,

It's a little late to wish everone a Happy Christmas​, but I hope you had a great Christmas and really enjoyed yourself with your loved ones.

This is a great graphic that I got from Canva​. I was able to edit it and put my own name on it.

Cool, isn't it?

I enjoy my blogging now as I get used to WordPress and ​all its ins and outs.

I can't stop writing sometimes 🙂